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DAKAR, May 17 (Xinhua) -- Senegal has committed to prevail on its transporters to end a blockade that has lasted for over three months along Trans-Gambia route, whereas Gambia has suspended tariff increase for Senegalese transporters entering its territory, authorities said Monday.

The decisions were announced after ten hours of negotiations in Dakar between the delegations of both countries.

The blockade of Trans-Gambia highway began following a decision by Gambian authorities to increase the tariff for each Senegalese truck crossing to Gambia from 4,000 CFA Francs (10 U.S. dollars) to 400,000 CFA Francs.

Following the Gambian decision, Senegalese transporters blocked the entry point between the two countries, particularly along Trans-Gambia highway.

The blockade forced vehicles heading to or coming from Casamance in southern Senegal, to make a long trip to Gambia, whereas Gambian vehicles could not be allowed to enter Senegalese territory.

The final statement indicated that out of 11 issues that were discussed by the two parties, three were not exhaustively tackled due to the absence of Gambian experts.

The three issues included the construction of a bridge on River Gambia, maritime fishing, and management of terrestrial borders.

Speaking after the meeting, Gambia's Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye hailed the cordial atmosphere that prevailed during talks.

"Many of the problems would not have been resolved today if we had not resorted to the path of dialogue. The meeting helped us to evaluate relations between the two countries. This helped us to discuss ways and means of ending the crisis," she said.

Her Senegalese counterpart Mankeur Ndiaye said continuous consultations between the two countries was fundamental.

"Consultations will help us prevent crisis situations, find better adequate solutions to problems within reasonable time and defend the common interests of our people," said Ndiaye.

He said Senegal and Gambia should go beyond the status of being neighbouring countries and become allies on continental as well as global issues.

BEIJING, May 13 (Xinhua) -- China's legislature values the friendly ties with Chilean parliament and is willing to strengthen exchanges, top legislator Zhang Dejiang said Saturday.

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