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HIV Health Articles | April 11 [url=http://www.cheapjerseysvikings.com/]Cheap Vikings Jerseys[/url] , 2012
HIV has become a very common problem all over the world and there is never too much information about it. In this article we talk about symptoms of HIV and how people can infect.聽

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is the prelude to AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). It is a incurable disease, however it is treatable therefore the patients will most likely live a good life. It is believed that 40 thousand Americans are contaminated with this specific infections each year.

HIV typically propagates three different ways:

1. Sex with a man or woman who has HIV.

2. Using an contaminated needle or a syringe. It is the reason why countless drug junkies hold the illness.

3. HIV may spread to babies via their own moms during the birth or perhaps when nursing.

A lot of people who're infected are not unwell and don't have any idea they have the virus in almost ten years. So a person can transfer the disease to other men and women with out knowing it. Generally there aren't normally any early symptoms of HIV. To diagnose HIV one has to provide a blood test. The production of antibodies that show you're infected may take from two weeks to couple of months. However the particular person can possibly transfer the virus very quickly as soon as he has it.

There is no genuine treatment for HIV [url=http://www.cheapjerseysvikings.com/jalyn-holmes-jersey/]Jalyn Holmes Vikings Jersey[/url] , but it's a virus an individual can live with. Probably the most widespread HIV medication is the antiretroviral drug remedies. This kind of drug therapy slow downs the HIV into formulating into AIDS. This treatment prevents the virus from demolishing the individuals defense mechanisms. In accordance with the NIAID there are presently thirty-one antiretroviral drugs certified for treatment. It is important to bear in mind the person whom takes the drug treatments can continue to distribute the virus to other folks.

Like any various other medical treatments, the drugs being used to remedy HIVAIDS might cause a great deal of problems and challenging unwanted effects. Individuals should be completely conscious of probable unwanted effects when consuming antiretroviral medications. It is vital that the individual tells all the concerns about the treatment to their medical doctor.

It is very important to go ahead and take medication consistently and right on time. It is identified that HIV can become resistant to the medications when a patient fails to take their approved medications constantly.

The very first medication patients usually get for medication is called Atripla. It's essentially easiest drugs and it exhibits outstanding overall results. Atripla is consumed once every single day.

Once you start taking the medication initially you might feel pretty sick and foggy. Over a period of time you should adapt to the adverse reactions and you should feel better. Once you begin having medication it's essential to especially pay close attention on just what you eat. Fatty meals are known to enhance the unwanted effects. Some individuals even experience vivid dreams.

Even though Atripla is tolerated by a lot of people [url=http://www.cheapjerseysvikings.com/brian-oneill-jersey/]Brian O'Neill Vikings Jersey[/url] , some could have difficulties adjusting with it. It's suggested to stick to it because the side effects will certainly ease up with time.聽

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